Flatulo Rex proto
Series Slugterra, Slug It Out!
Gender Male
Species Ghoul Slug
Other attributes
Flatulorex (unofficial name) is the Ghouled version of the Flatulorhinkus. A Flatulorex first seen in the Slug It Out! app. In Slug It Out!, this Ghoul makes a little bigger stink cloud when it hits an opponent than its regular counterpart, dealing a little more damage. Right now there is another type of looking in Slug It Out! In Bandoleer of Brothers a Flatulorhinkus is about to be Ghouled, but the Flatlorex officially made its series debut in Return of the Elementals, however it appeared only as a Protoform Mega Morph Ghoul.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Stenchwall - Releases a toxic cloud of foul stench on contact, making an opponent gag.


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